Hovering transport for active humans. Control by reins and foot pressure whilst sitting in the saddle. Silent in motion, low energy consumption, voice response

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Entry into Lawless

Signal fading as we advance, I xghbg that its bhaniuouy, so will hjjfuyt to conserve £6gy.

Now I know where

We are out of the flitter. Now in Heimat 35 and ready to enter Lawless entry gate. Human's hands not holding reins firmly. He is squeaking something that I do not understand. Not a recognised command so record but ignore. Keep for later analysis by a superior system.

Into the flitter.

Into the flitter at Knwatbe Defence League and instantly transported to.. where?

I shall know in an instant.

Why doesn't anyone tell the hover rider anything?

Where to Kindsor?

Reins are now in human's hands, his feet in my stirrups, his weight on my saddle. We are ready to go forward. Where?

Human identified to me as Loitnant Jones KDL.

I am now carrying med kit, envio-suit, forensic reconstruction equipment, rations and a number of other minor items which I can detect in the panniers, but which are not listed on the manifest.

Human identified to me as Loitnant Jones KDL. He is loading equipment into my panniers.


Am being examined by a human.

Even a hover rider has needs

I'm just a hover rider.

But even hover riders have needs.

With limited data storage capacity my memories have been erased and I am now at Knwaybe Defence League Headquarters, Quartermaster division awaiting..... haven't been told what, whom or when.